Ellie (punkrock_) wrote in degrassi_cs_rpg,

im out

[ooc: guys im out because seriously, this is a game but i got low self esteem as it is and hearing stuff like this directed at me even though its not for real isnt helping me. it breaks my heart to fight no matter what and i cant deal with it at all. i get it its just a game and thats kinda stupid but im really super sensitive so im giving my username and screen name to my friend jamie. if anyone needs me my regular sn is ihartpunkboyz. i think jamie will start going on in a few days or so...]
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i'm sorry this is all my fault.
when i came up with the story line i thought it would just be all fun and games, but i guess not.
if you ever want to come back feel free too.
i'm really sorry.

im sorry dont feel bad im being really stupid but thats my terrible weakness that im sensitive.
trust me i relate more than you know